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2017-08-21 Philip Durbinget "back" keyboard shortcut working
2013-07-11 Philip Durbinmove code left or right
2013-06-14 Philip Durbinctrl-e for next error in netbeans
2013-06-14 Philip Durbinstupid smiley
2013-06-14 Philip Durbin"next error" seems buggy
2013-06-14 Philip Durbinshow popups
2013-06-03 Philip Durbinmore shortcuts
2013-06-03 Philip Durbingo to file
2013-06-03 Philip Durbinswap columns
2013-05-30 Philip Durbingg and G in netbeans
2013-03-08 Philip Durbingo to line
2013-02-25 Philip Durbintoggle comment
2013-01-28 Philip Durbincmd is used for ctrl on a mac
2013-01-28 Philip Durbingo to source
2013-01-02 Philip Durbin0, $
2013-01-02 Philip Durbindowncase
2013-01-02 Philip Durbinnew page on netbeans