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2018-10-23 Philip Durbinadd link to bare display
2018-10-23 Philip Durbinexplain Alt-l for long links
2018-10-23 Philip Durbinweechat setup tweaks
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2018-10-21 Philip Durbinweechat tweaks
2017-02-04 Philip Durbintoggle weechat filters
2015-05-23 Philip DurbinOS X Terminal weechat scroll fix
2014-02-08 Philip Durbinclarify "can't click long links" in weechat in screen...
2013-11-29 Philip Durbinsort weechat hotlist
2013-11-28 Philip Durbinconfigured weechat activity plugin
2013-11-27 Philip Durbinweechat hotlist2extern script
2013-06-02 Philip Durbinonly notify on message, not join/part/quit (low)
2013-05-17 Philip Durbinadd toc, tweak
2013-05-17 Philip Durbintypo
2013-05-17 Philip Durbincan't click long links
2013-05-02 Philip Durbinmore on filtering mode/join
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2013-04-11 Philip Durbinhide joins, parts, quits
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