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2014-03-24 Philip Durbinlenovo X220 Touchpad jumpy response - Firmware update
2014-03-24 Philip Durbinlenovo thinkpad x220 tablet cursor jump power supply...
2014-03-23 Philip Durbin"touchpad quite useless, as it behaves very jumpily"
2014-03-23 Philip Durbinmore notes, cursor jump
2014-03-23 Philip Durbinmore on fedora trackpad cursor crazy
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2014-03-02 Philip Durbinlearning scala
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2013-11-27 Philip Durbincrazy fedora random mouse clicks :(
2013-11-27 Philip Durbinweechat hotlist2extern script
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2013-11-07 Philip Durbinmore reviews
2013-11-06 Philip DurbinOracle JDK vs. OpenJDK
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2013-11-04 Philip Durbintweaks
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