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2018-10-21 Philip Durbinweechat tweaks
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2018-04-29 Philip DurbinCyberpunk, alien, armadillo resisters
2018-04-29 Philip Durbin"I believe that when we die, we all become podcasts...
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2018-04-22 Philip Durbinadd links to some slides for LibrePlanet 2018
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2018-04-10 Philip Durbinmore notes on libreplanet 2018 talks
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2018-04-08 Philip Durbinmore libreplanet 2018 notes
2018-04-08 Philip Durbindod talk
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2018-04-08 Philip DurbinHappy New Year! (a little late) :)
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2018-03-18 Philip Durbinfreenode: connecting from mobile with SASL
2018-03-18 Philip DurbinPython 3 and breaking changes
2018-03-17 Philip Durbinadd Cozmo and Lego Mindstorms
2018-03-17 Philip Durbindata liberation for issues: github-backup and sit-import
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