2015-05-07 bencompAdd d3 git branching demo with concurrent dev and rebase
2015-05-07 bencompAdd d2 git branching demo with rebase
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2015-03-04 Philip Durbinwhere to download java ee 7 tutorial examples
2015-03-04 Philip Durbinpaid through 2014 over burritos. yum!
2015-01-31 Philip Durbinhappy new year!
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2014-07-24 Philip Durbingit fast forward
2014-07-22 Philip Durbinwhoops, math is hard. only paid rate for 1 year, not 2
2014-07-16 Philip Durbinserver1 paid through end of 2014
2014-06-24 Philip Durbinupdated haunts
2014-06-09 Philip Durbinmore asadmin commands
2014-05-19 Philip Durbinhave table more zoomed in on nexus 5
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2014-05-13 Philip Durbinadded IRC logging service:
2014-03-30 Philip Durbintaking a break from ##javaee
2014-03-24 Philip Durbinirc updates
2014-03-24 Philip Durbinlenovo X220 Touchpad jumpy response - Firmware update
2014-03-24 Philip Durbinlenovo thinkpad x220 tablet cursor jump power supply...
2014-03-23 Philip Durbin"touchpad quite useless, as it behaves very jumpily"
2014-03-23 Philip Durbinmore notes, cursor jump
2014-03-23 Philip Durbinmore on fedora trackpad cursor crazy
2014-03-11 Philip Durbinadded learning git section
2014-03-02 Philip Durbinlearning scala
2014-02-08 Philip Durbinclarify "can't click long links" in weechat in screen...
2014-02-02 Philip Durbinnew file: podcasts/clips/john-siracusa-on-net-neutral...
2014-01-20 Philip Durbinhappy new year!
2014-01-18 Philip Durbinmore postgres fu
2014-01-18 Philip DurbinPostgreSQL setup on Fedora 20
2013-12-16 Philip DurbinJSF stuff
2013-12-06 Philip Durbin
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2013-11-29 Philip Durbinsort weechat hotlist
2013-11-29 Philip Durbinmore haunts
2013-11-28 Philip Durbinconfigured weechat activity plugin
2013-11-27 Philip Durbincrazy fedora random mouse clicks :(
2013-11-27 Philip Durbinweechat hotlist2extern script
2013-11-09 Philip Durbinmore channels
2013-11-07 Philip Durbinnew file: glassfish/howto/enable-ajp.mdwn
2013-11-07 Philip Durbinmore reviews
2013-11-06 Philip DurbinOracle JDK vs. OpenJDK
2013-11-04 Philip Durbintypo
2013-11-04 Philip Durbinmore tweaks
2013-11-04 Philip Durbintweaks
2013-11-04 Philip Durbinadded guide on reusing wildcard ssl cert
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2013-11-03 Philip Durbincleanup
2013-11-03 Philip Durbinshow path/to/file in <title>
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2013-11-03 Philip Durbinirc stuff
2013-11-02 Philip Durbinreorg
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2013-11-01 Philip Durbinnew file: java/keytool.mdwn
2013-10-25 Philip Durbinmore reviews
2013-10-17 Philip Durbinvim "+set textwidth=72" foo.txt
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2013-10-05 Philip Durbintweaked haunts
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2013-07-22 Philip DurbinBug 233199 – Firefox with Netbeans integration
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2013-07-04 Philip Durbinmore reviews
2013-07-04 Philip Durbintableview is a javafx thing
2013-07-04 Philip Durbinremoved extra spaces
2013-07-04 Philip Durbinlink to new home for vim dotfiles
2013-06-23 Philip Durbinmore reviews, more queued
2013-06-16 Philip Durbinadded to queue
2013-06-16 Philip Durbinmore reviews
2013-06-16 Philip Durbinput javafx in own category
2013-06-14 Philip Durbinctrl-e for next error in netbeans
2013-06-14 Philip Durbinstupid smiley
2013-06-14 Philip Durbin"next error" seems buggy
2013-06-14 Philip Durbinshow popups
2013-06-13 Philip Durbinadd and reorg java ee 6
2013-06-12 Philip Durbinembedded derby
2013-06-12 Philip Durbinnew file: java/derby.mdwn
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2013-06-11 Philip Durbinnew file: java/ee/7.mdwn
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2013-06-10 Philip Durbinnetbeans sqlite plugin
2013-06-10 Philip Durbinreviews
2013-06-10 Philip Durbinupdates
2013-06-09 Philip Durbinjboss 6
2013-06-04 Philip Durbinadded my version
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