2013-04-14 Philip Durbinget rid of double line
2013-04-14 Philip Durbinto fix section
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2013-04-11 Philip Durbinkey bindings
2013-04-11 Philip Durbinhide joins, parts, quits
2013-04-11 Philip Durbinnew file: weechat.mdwn
2013-04-09 Philip Durbintweaks
2013-04-09 Philip Durbinmore reviews
2013-04-09 Philip Durbinmore reviews
2013-04-07 Philip Durbinmodified: index.mdwn
2013-04-07 Philip Durbinbetter links to sub pages
2013-04-07 Philip Durbindead link. video still playable though. hmm
2013-04-07 Philip Durbinmore dead links
2013-04-07 Philip Durbinput 404s under "unavailable"
2013-04-07 Philip Durbinmore reviews
2013-04-07 Philip Durbinexplain where videos come from
2013-04-07 Philip Durbinreorg of java, added javaone 2012 reviews
2013-04-07 Philip Durbinnew file: haunts/google+.mdwn
2013-04-04 Philip Durbintoday link
2013-04-04 Philip Durbinadded some haunts
2013-04-04 Philip Durbindon't hard code string in logger
2013-04-04 Philip Durbin
2013-04-03 Philip Durbinlocal preview before git push
2013-04-03 Philip Durbinwhich version of JSF, EL, etc. in glassfish
2013-03-26 Philip Durbinput description at top
2013-03-26 Philip Durbinadded blacklight and vufind
2013-03-26 Philip Durbinadded evergreen as another example
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2013-03-08 Philip Durbingo to line
2013-02-25 Philip Durbintoggle comment
2013-02-24 Philip
2013-02-23 Philip Durbinctrl-enter to go into folder
2013-02-22 Philip Durbinadd generate-jvm-report
2013-02-22 Philip Durbinhow to kill glassfish
2013-02-21 Philip DurbinIncreasing the Glassfish logging level
2013-02-15 Philip Durbinnew file: java/glassfish.mdwn
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2013-01-31 Philip Durbinlink to icefaces docs
2013-01-28 Philip Durbincmd is used for ctrl on a mac
2013-01-28 Philip Durbingo to source
2013-01-23 Philip Durbintypo
2013-01-23 Philip Durbinnew file: solr.mdwn
2013-01-08 Philip Durbinhappy new year :)
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2013-01-07 Philip Durbinrenamed: foo.mdwn -> bar.mdwn
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2013-01-02 Philip Durbinnew page on netbeans
2012-12-29 Philip Durbinporting a number to t-mobile
2012-12-20 Philip Durbinadding #git
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2012-12-18 Philip Durbinnew file: java/ee.mdwn
2012-12-18 Philip Durbinnew file: java.mdwn
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2012-12-14 Philip Durbinmini-sim, mytouch
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2012-12-11 Philip Durbinadded community section
2012-12-11 Philip Durbinset up toc
2012-12-09 Philip Durbinadded #dvn, reorg
2012-12-01 Philip Durbinadded some notes about ##java
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2012-12-01 Philip Durbintry \#
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2012-11-27 Philip Durbinadded netbeans
2012-11-27 Philip Durbinmore java, less openstack
2012-11-25 Philip Durbinsourceforge -> github
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2012-11-17 Philip Durbinnew file:
2012-11-08 Philip Durbinhow could i forget agoddard's super mini chef example!
2012-11-08 Philip Durbintweaks
2012-11-08 Philip Durbinbetter write up of vagrant
2012-10-31 Philip Durbinlink to crimsonfu centos vagrant networking chatter
2012-10-31 Philip Durbinfancy vangrant networking doesn't work on centos
2012-10-31 Philip Durbinshow network config for openstack hosts
2012-10-31 Philip Durbinnew file: openstack.mdwn
2012-10-31 Philip Durbinnew file: chef.mdwn
2012-10-29 Philip Durbinlink to vagrant chatter on crimsonfu
2012-10-25 Philip Durbinpaid through 2012
2012-10-02 Philip Durbinnew file: postgresql.mdwn
2012-09-23 Philip Durbinnew file: