2019-12-28 Philip Durbinnew file: trampoline-cat.svg
2019-12-24 Philip Durbinnew file: trees.svg
2019-12-22 Philip Durbinadd margins
2019-12-22 Philip Durbinconnect lines
2019-12-21 Philip Durbinnew file: croc1.svg
2019-12-17 Philip Durbinnew file: images/bees-and-hive.svg
2019-12-17 Philip Durbinnew file: images/beehive.svg
2019-12-17 Philip Durbinrenamed: bee.svg -> images/bee.svg
2019-12-17 Philip Durbinnew file: bee.svg
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2019-11-18 Philip Durbinnew file: devconf.mdwn
2019-11-16 Philip Durbintry to make w3 validator happy
2019-11-06 Philip Durbinadd section on Quarkus and war files
2019-10-25 Philip Durbinadd link to devconf 2019 quarkus slides
2019-10-22 Philip Durbinfix link to image, add transcript
2019-10-13 Philip Durbinlink to similar slides from previous talks
2019-10-13 Philip Durbinlink to video
2019-09-28 Philip Durbingnome coding challenge
2019-09-15 Philip Durbinadd native image (graal) steps
2019-09-14 Philip Durbintypo
2019-09-14 Philip Durbinadd page on quarkus
2019-08-25 Philip Durbindmg for inkscape is out!
2019-08-25 Philip Durbinnew file: inkscape/documentation.mdwn
2019-08-18 Philip Durbinconsider "g" lower case and re-align
2019-08-18 Philip Durbineliminate break in right side of "p"
2019-08-18 Philip Durbinnew file:
2019-08-18 Philip Durbindmg coming, link to discussion
2019-08-18 Philip Durbinnew file: inkscape/tutorials.mdwn
2019-08-17 Philip Durbinadd inkscape (works on mac!)
2019-06-25 Philip Durbintypos
2019-06-25 Philip Durbintypo, extra newlines
2019-06-24 Philip Durbinnew file: talks/2019/jupyter-notebooks-and-crazy...
2019-05-14 Philip Durbinlibreplanet 2019
2019-05-12 Philip Durbincollapse core buffer to one line (servers, etc)
2019-05-09 Philip Durbinadd Searchable Linkable Open Public Indexed (SLOPI...
2019-05-04 Philip Durbinpython venv, virtualenv, etc
2019-04-23 Philip Durbinadd
2019-04-17 Philip Durbinshow files for uninstalled package, foobar
2019-04-17 Philip Durbinubuntu: look up package by file
2019-04-17 Philip Durbinfix rss for ssq
2019-04-17 Philip Durbinupdate toolsday links
2019-04-11 Philip Durbinadd freetalk podcast
2019-04-07 Philip Durbinadd some more urls
2019-04-07 Philip Durbinupdate "every" etc
2019-04-07 Philip Durbinupdate podcasts
2019-04-07 Philip Durbindon't show setup files
2019-04-07 Philip Durbin6+ years now, just say 2012
2019-04-07 Philip Durbindeleted: chef.mdwn
2019-04-07 Philip Durbindeleted: thinkup.mdwn
2019-04-07 Philip Durbinremove RT (cruft)
2019-04-07 Philip Durbinremove t-mobile page (cruft)
2019-04-06 Philip Durbinpython xkcd
2019-04-06 Philip Durbincss links
2019-04-06 Philip Durbinadded conferences, libreplanet
2019-03-30 Philip Durbinjava on mac
2019-02-11 Philip Durbintypos
2019-02-11 Philip Durbinadd Open Science Days talk, 2019
2019-02-11 Philip Durbintypo
2019-01-13 Philip Durbinadd some podcasts and reorg
2019-01-13 Philip Durbinadd some podcast urls
2019-01-02 Philip Durbinmove script to bottom
2019-01-02 Philip Durbinmake date dynamic
2018-12-09 Philip Durbinreoganize haunts
2018-12-04 Philip Durbinno plan for Gitter to support self hosting
2018-11-27 Philip Durbinadd tip on JSF debugging
2018-11-18 Philip Durbinadd link to piskel account
2018-11-17 Philip Durbinadd pumpkin and thirsty-pusheen
2018-11-17 Philip Durbinadd turkey-yum, flies-are-awful, animated gifs
2018-11-09 Philip Durbinsigns of life on gitter?
2018-11-09 Philip Durbinadd id for Libre Planet 2019 talk submission
2018-11-09 Philip Durbinnew file: talks/ideas/transparency-in-chat-culture...
2018-11-09 Philip Durbinhard to mention people in Gitter from IRC :(
2018-10-29 Philip Durbinfix link
2018-10-29 Philip Durbinlink to Gitter roadmap
2018-10-28 Philip Durbinpumpkin.piskel and thirsty-pusheen.piskel
2018-10-28 Philip Durbinnew file: jupyter.mdwn
2018-10-28 Philip Durbinadd sprites
2018-10-28 Philip Durbinpixel art, jump
2018-10-25 Philip Durbinweechat white is pink, make brown
2018-10-24 Philip Durbinnew file: java/maven.mdwn
2018-10-23 Philip Durbingrub question
2018-10-23 Philip Durbinupdate timezone
2018-10-23 Philip Durbinlink to table hack discussion on ikiwiki site
2018-10-23 Philip Durbinfix for autolinking
2018-10-23 Philip Durbinadd link to bare display
2018-10-23 Philip Durbinexplain Alt-l for long links
2018-10-23 Philip Durbinweechat setup tweaks
2018-10-21 Philip Durbinadd more weechat setup
2018-10-21 Philip Durbinadd server3
2018-10-21 Philip Durbinweechat tweaks
2018-10-21 Philip Durbinadd some apache tips
2018-10-20 Philip Durbinwhich distro server1 and server2 ran
2018-10-20 Philip Durbinreorg content, expecially servers
2018-10-20 Philip Durbindeleted:
2018-10-16 Philip Durbinlink to talks given in Indonesia
2018-10-16 Philip Durbinreorg haunts
2018-10-15 Philip Durbinperlgeek crimsonfu links are 404, switch to archive
2018-10-12 Philip Durbinnew file: gitter.mdwn
2018-10-02 Philip Durbinadd missing period
2018-10-01 Philip Durbinnew file: 2018/wholetale-reproducibility-and-datavers...