2018-11-09 Philip Durbinadd id for Libre Planet 2019 talk submission
2018-11-09 Philip Durbinnew file: talks/ideas/transparency-in-chat-culture...
2018-11-09 Philip Durbinhard to mention people in Gitter from IRC :(
2018-10-29 Philip Durbinfix link
2018-10-29 Philip Durbinlink to Gitter roadmap
2018-10-28 Philip Durbinpumpkin.piskel and thirsty-pusheen.piskel
2018-10-28 Philip Durbinnew file: jupyter.mdwn
2018-10-28 Philip Durbinadd sprites
2018-10-28 Philip Durbinpixel art, jump
2018-10-25 Philip Durbinweechat white is pink, make brown
2018-10-24 Philip Durbinnew file: java/maven.mdwn
2018-10-23 Philip Durbingrub question
2018-10-23 Philip Durbinupdate timezone
2018-10-23 Philip Durbinlink to table hack discussion on ikiwiki site
2018-10-23 Philip Durbinfix for autolinking
2018-10-23 Philip Durbinadd link to bare display
2018-10-23 Philip Durbinexplain Alt-l for long links
2018-10-23 Philip Durbinweechat setup tweaks
2018-10-21 Philip Durbinadd more weechat setup
2018-10-21 Philip Durbinadd server3
2018-10-21 Philip Durbinweechat tweaks
2018-10-21 Philip Durbinadd some apache tips
2018-10-20 Philip Durbinwhich distro server1 and server2 ran
2018-10-20 Philip Durbinreorg content, expecially servers
2018-10-20 Philip Durbindeleted:
2018-10-16 Philip Durbinlink to talks given in Indonesia
2018-10-16 Philip Durbinreorg haunts
2018-10-15 Philip Durbinperlgeek crimsonfu links are 404, switch to archive
2018-10-12 Philip Durbinnew file: gitter.mdwn
2018-10-02 Philip Durbinadd missing period
2018-10-01 Philip Durbinnew file: 2018/wholetale-reproducibility-and-datavers...
2018-09-30 Philip Durbinreorg podcasts
2018-09-29 Philip Durbinreorg haunts
2018-09-15 Philip Durbinadd page for Hive Hacker Club
2018-09-09 Philip Durbinrewrite, simplify... animations -> games
2018-09-09 Philip Durbinfix link to Cosmo
2018-08-27 Philip Durbinadd an and IRC logging...
2018-06-16 Philip Durbinadd slides to public lab talk
2018-06-16 Philip Durbinupdate Alis (Advanced LIst Service) for freenode
2018-06-06 Philip Durbinnew URL for IRC logs for #crimsonfu
2018-04-29 Philip DurbinCyberpunk, alien, armadillo resisters
2018-04-29 Philip Durbin"I believe that when we die, we all become podcasts...
2018-04-22 Philip Durbinadd #publiclab to haunts
2018-04-22 Philip Durbinadd links to some slides for LibrePlanet 2018
2018-04-18 Philip Durbinmore notes for libre planet 2018 talks
2018-04-17 Philip Durbinmore libre planet notes
2018-04-15 Philip Durbinmore LibrePlanet 2018 notes
2018-04-12 Philip Durbinadd todo about `go fmt`
2018-04-11 Philip Durbinmore on libreplanet 2018 talks
2018-04-11 Philip Durbinnote that this wiki is running on Ubuntu now
2018-04-11 Philip Durbinignore .ikiwiki
2018-04-10 Philip Durbinmore notes on libreplanet 2018 talks
2018-04-10 Philip Durbinmore notes on libreplanet 2018 talks
2018-04-09 Philip Durbinlightning talks at LibrePlanet 2018
2018-04-08 Philip Durbinmore libreplanet 2018 notes
2018-04-08 Philip Durbinmore libreplanet 2018 notes
2018-04-08 Philip Durbindod talk
2018-04-08 Philip Durbinadd some notes
2018-04-08 Philip DurbinHappy New Year! (a little late) :)
2018-04-07 Philip Durbinnew file: conferences/libreplanet/2018.mdwn
2018-03-22 Philip Durbinnew file: podcasts/podcatchers.mdwn
2018-03-18 Philip Durbinfreenode: connecting from mobile with SASL
2018-03-18 Philip DurbinPython 3 and breaking changes
2018-03-17 Philip Durbinadd Cozmo and Lego Mindstorms
2018-03-17 Philip Durbindata liberation for issues: github-backup and sit-import
2018-03-11 Philip Durbinreorder podcasts
2018-03-11 Philip Durbinadd and fix up some podcasts
2018-03-06 Philip Durbinadd some podcasts
2018-02-25 Philip Durbin
2018-01-04 Philip Durbinadd idea for CATCAT: CopyAddressToClipboardAndTitle
2017-11-15 Philip Durbinwebhookdb: treat Github Issues as a database
2017-11-02 Philip Durbinlink to case study, other cleanup
2017-11-02 Philip DurbinWeb Animations API
2017-10-29 Philip Durbinnew file: testing.mdwn
2017-10-26 Philip Durbinnew file: teaching-kids-to-code/pencil-code.mdwn
2017-10-23 Philip Durbinnew file: discourse.mdwn
2017-10-14 Philip Durbinlink to dataverse-community post, harvard blog post
2017-10-14 Philip Durbinembed video
2017-10-14 Philip Durbinadd blockquote and tweet
2017-10-13 Philip Durbinadd pages for talks per year
2017-10-13 Philip Durbinmore talks
2017-10-13 Philip Durbina bit more context
2017-10-13 Philip Durbintweaks
2017-10-13 Philip Durbinparagraphs, better formatting
2017-10-12 Philip Durbintalks/2017/libreplanet-dataverse-lightning-talk.mdwn
2017-10-10 Philip Durbinfix link
2017-10-10 Philip DurbinSolr has a "newdev" label
2017-10-10 Philip Durbinadd to intro and fix typo
2017-10-10 Philip Durbinnew file: teaching-kids-to-code/
2017-10-10 Philip Durbinadd prose
2017-10-09 Philip Durbinnew file: teaching-kids-to-code/app-inventor.mdwn
2017-10-09 Philip Durbinteaching-kids-to-code
2017-10-08 Philip Durbinadd page on open source
2017-10-04 Philip Durbinlink to case study draft
2017-10-04 Philip Durbintypo
2017-10-04 Philip Durbingave the talk
2017-10-04 Philip Durbintypo
2017-10-04 Philip Durbinlink to slides
2017-09-29 Philip Durbinnew file: java/javaone/2017.mdwn
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